Supplier Cluster Russia


The PRÄZI Gompany Group

  • 750 employees
  • 7 companies in europe
  • founded 1904





Your Systempartner for Crop Flow



For more than four decades, the agricultural technology sector
of the PRÄZI Group manufactures augers and rotating
components for the agricultural machinery industry.

The manufacturing takes place at PRÄZI-Hungaria Kft. in
Hungary and at the german locations.

  • Augers
  • Rotating components




  • manufacture of endless rolled augers

  • manufacture of highly wear-resistant coated augers

  • manufacture of high speed rotating components

  • dynamic balancing

  • CNC sheet processing

  • CNC robot welding

  • colour scheme according to customer requests

  • agricultural machine industry

  • Construction industry

  • chemical industry

  • food industry

  • wood heating technology

  • environmental engineering


Bernhard Feikus [E-Mail]