Supplier Cluster Russia

Objectives of the cluster

  • Local production – vertical integration too – is the key to the russian market
  • Coordinated build-up of a production-cluster in russia for the development 
  • of the eastern market.
  • Creating a stable and reliable supplier-network between western OEMs and suppliers from different branches
  • Reliable supplier-network in russia leads to higher process stability and reduction of complexity at the OEMs
  • Building up a structure of medium sized companies at the russian suppliers industry
  • Development of suppliers with local R&D capacity and involvement of russian suppliers
  • Education of qualified workers in the complete process-chain, according to international standars
  • Sharing of capital-intensive technologies like surface, laboratories QM and others
  • Sharing of infrastructure devices (e.g. cranes, container, storage, facility management, IT…).
  • Coordination of the supply chain (in- and outbound
  • Use of social equipment like canteen, passenger transportation and others
  • Better „pooling of interest“ and more political weight towards the russian administration.